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I had many a happy holiday at Sutton on Sea with my mum, dad and brother. We stayed in Queens Road with Mr & Mrs Castledine. " Uncle Chaz " used to get us up early to go Mushroom picking which were consumed later in the day. My grandad, Willim Homes, was born in Sutton on Sea.
I have just made contact with Nigel Cory, who I see has made a contribution to this website. I knew Nigel and his brother, Clive, very well and they came down to our house in Chadwell heath for holidays in the summer months. I now live down in Devon, another superb place.
Fabulous days, thank you, Sutton, for such happy memories.
Brian from Dunkeswell, Devon (Monday, February 28, 2011)

Spent most of my childhood summer hols in Sutton at Nan and Grandad McEwan's. Now in 50's and although live only 20 mins away had not had a holiday there since the early 70's. Due to lack of money, we were offered the loan of a chalet for the week. For the 1st time, am pleased we were hard up as we have had a wonderful week.memory lane at Corner Cafe ( Mitchell's) and fish and chips at Waldof, friendly folk, ice cream. Pity about top cafe and vandalism of chalets. council take note!
Rebecca from Hundleby (Wednesday, September 08, 2010)

Sutton on Sea is my favourite place to go on me summer hols! Brilliant atmosphere, everyones so friendly and there's plenty to do for all the family! Can't wait to visit again soon!
Jennifer from Big Sheff (Sunday, July 18, 2010)

hi was wondering if anyone can remember eric jordan of the white bungalow in sutton,he was my grandfather and done alot for the council,he also has a name plaque on one of the benches on the promonade,me and my wife make a point of coming to sutton every year,and we stay in the baccus hotel.which is a friendly place to stay.
james jordan from gloucestershire (Friday, July 16, 2010)

I am looking for details/memories/photo`s of the Savoy Cinema at sutton on sea, that I hope to published in the near future. And would be most grateful for any details I can come across.
Kindest regards. Maurice Brader (Sunday, May 23, 2010)

Love the walk from Mabo down to Sutton,get a good meal at the working mens club, sutton kept clean and friendly, good day out at carnival, all you want cannot wait.
Colin from Rotherham (Friday, February 19, 2010)

Once we have sold our house in Spalding we are moving to Sutton having fallen in love with it. We have a business of doorstep deliveries of Pet and Wild bird Foods and would be interested to know if there is a demand for this in Sutton and surrounds. If you lovely people are interested I will come up each week to deliver before we move.
Laurence ( from soon to Sutton (Thursday, November 12, 2009)

Just a query. I bought a water colour twenty years ago from a sale at Scunthorpe Central library. The library used to 'loan' out the pictures, the idea didnt last long & the pictures were sold. I am sure this picture was of a place in Sutton on Sea. It was up in my loft & fell & broke the frame. I have looked on the back & it says Bagmoor Farm (Will Illingworth 1984). I was hoping to locate Bagmoor Farm & send it to them, although now I cant find a record on the back of the picture that it is Sutton on Sea. I am not sure where I got the name from, or if thats what it said on the library record card! I just wondered if any one at your agency had local knowledge? Is it a place any of you know? It just intrigues me. Its just a pleasant picture that I enjoyed years ago, but I have no place for it in this house. I know its a long shot. We have got a Bagmore farm around here, but it doesnt look the same! Thank you any way for your time.
Bev from Scunthorpe (Friday, November 06, 2009)

andy from leicester Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Hi! Lovely to see so many people obviously (and quite naturally) bewitched with 'Sutton in Marisco'. I was born and grew up there (1945 to 1965), at 32 High Street which is now Watson's Hardware Store. For a child it was most exciting to go through the 1953 flood, but not so much fun for the grown ups! I'd love to hear from anyone who knew me or my brother Clive.
Nigel Cory ( from Grantham ( Wednesday, October 28, 2009)

We love sutton on sea its so layed back we go as much as possible we end up camping over night does anyone have or know of any accomodation we can rent fo the night or sometime 2 nights on a budget so it needs to be reasonable we are not noisey or mad drinkers just want somewhere to stay; fed up of camping; please mail me thanks
Sarah from the United Kingdom (Sunday, September 13, 2009)

hi everyone from sunny spain , yes carol and ken still together (married ten years now) .having a great life over here in spain .
Keneth Dond from Spain (Friday, August 28, 2009)

Glad to see everybody enjoying themselves at the Carnival weekend, weather great and the organisation was first class, well done to all who were involved.
Chris from Sutton on Sea (Sunday, July 27, 2008)

Well done! What a fantastic Carnival! Thank you. Please pass on our congratulations to everyone on the committee.
Keith and Janet (Sunday, July 27, 2008)

Hi, Just to congratulate you and the Town on the fantastic new look Sutton on Sea Web site. well done!
Eric & Jenny (Friday, July 18, 2008)

Sutton on Sea is one of my favourite places in England. I liked it so much I had a tantrum when my mum and dad told me we had to leave!
Great website!
Jenny from Sheffield (Wednesday, April 23, 2008)

My grandparent moved to sutton in 1971 they bought a brand new bunaglow at camelot court which i now own, my parents have also since moved to sutton to retire and i have spent all my childhood there and i visit as often as poss as i still live in bham,
i am looking for historic information on the site of camelot court i understand that camelot court and camelot garden where built on the site of a large manor house and i remember stabel been built i also remember the old building which was on the site where doulton court now stands i remember going in there as a child though told not to ! it look like a childrens hospital ward of childrens home lots of old beds and the walls painted with things for children what was this places i would love to know please contact me if you have any information at
Helly from Bham (Sunday, April 20, 2008)

Fresh air and hearing the birds sing! That's why my husband and I are currently buying a property on Church Lane to live in forever!
Lynette from Nottingham (Friday, November 02, 2007)

Looking for anyone who remembers a miss fitt who resided at 32,trustthorpe road,sutton on sea in 1940.any info will be appreciated.
linda ( from Lincolnshire (Monday, March 26, 2007)

i am trrying to contact my brother
tel.01702556919 (Thu 21/12/2006)

i love sutton on sea.i have many happy memories of holidays mum and dad nan and grandad and me and my brother stayed in the breakwater now 35 and my family,my parents my brother and his family went last sunday for the day and we all had such a lovely very impressed with the new paddling pool on the front(so were my little nephews!)i can't wait to go back
nicky from leicestershire (Saturday, September 02, 2006)

I am a friend of the current owners of the large house called the Gilroes, next to the social club on Trusthorpe road.
We are aware that the house used to be the doctors surgery, also in the early 1900's we think it was owned by a Mr Spurway ?
If anyone has any further info about the history of the property or any elderly relatives that may remember it please get in touch.
Lynn from Chapel St Leonards (Thursday, August 31, 2006)

Does anybody from Sutton remember the Kingsley family who ran a guest house at 38 Trusthorpe Road. I spent the summer with them 35 years ago and had a great time.
Tom Travis Manchester (Sunday, July 23, 2006)

I love seeing my grandparents who moved to sutton-on-sea 8 years ago as regularly as I possibly can. The problem I had though when I got here was when me and my nanna want to go and see a show at skegness because the last bus leaves Skegness at 18:10? And it would be expensive to fork out for a taxi. I think there should be something done about it.
Anyway though I love sutton-on-sea especially all the residents who are friendly and always ready for a chat. I hope it never changes :o)
Michelle from Ware, Hertfordshire (Tuesday, July 04, 2006)

I love sutton, altho im sad they altered the beach and the chalet park has been sold off, spent many family holidays here, i shall be returning shortly as an adult to see how much it has changed.
Anna Thompson Tamworth (Wednesday, June 07, 2006)

I moved to Trusthorpe from south London and I think living around here has improved my life, I am only 20 and suffered with stress due to london being a fast moving place to live. I miss all my old friends and I still keep in touch with them. But it is worth it for a better quality of life.
Heather Williams Trusthorpe (Saturday, May 06, 2006)

Managed to get a night away from my business, stayed at the Kingsley Park Hotel, excellent value and welcoming host, nice one John. Had a great meal at the Bacchus hotel, best bottle of house red we have had in a long time, very good food as well. Beach immaculate as always.
We will be back...again, soon.
Graeme from Loughborough (Wednesday, May 17, 2006)

I just wanted to say how much i love sutton on sea, i grew up there with my dad and brothers and sisters, sadly my dad passed away so i had to leave good old sutton at 14, im now 21 and visit all the time with my soon to be husband, i would love to hear from anyone who remembers me (jackie bevis)email me on I use to live in a bungalow with my family off high gate lane on a little dirt track 2 min walk from the beach, i also would like to say that the high gate holiday park has really ruined the look of how it use to be,i no before it was just a field but to me it has ruined it as i remember the good old days playing hide and seek in the grass with all my brothers and sisters!If i had the money i would buy my dads bungalow back and live there for the rest of my life,maybe one day eh? big shout out to all my sutton m8s
Jackie Bevis from nottingham (Thursday, April 06, 2006)

To come to Sutton in April, with my daughter, son, both adults, and 3year old grand-daughter, and two dogs, has become a family tradition over the last few years. The fresh air beautiful beaches, clean town, friendly people, I could go on, make it a perfect start to the summer months. Folk who go abroad don'tknow what they are missing!!!!!
F. Helliwell from Derby (Friday, March 24, 2006 )

Dear community of Sutton-on-Sea,
Our Dog Polo escaped from our garden on Sunday 5-03-06 and was later reported t have been picked up by a family with three children staying at a local campsite. If you have any information that could help us find Polo we would very much appreciate it. Polo is a six year old mini Yorkshire Terrier. Our Contact details are , Tel 01507 441000. The whole family miss him.
Thank you for your time.
Olive Cox. (Tuesday, March 14, 2006)

Hi there. Anyone remember me, Clive Cory.
I'm particularly interested to hear what happened to Frank Hodgkinson and John Graham. Anyone able to help me please get back>
Clive from Spain (Wednesday, March 08, 2006)

Have had some nice holidays at sutton & mablethorpe ,Staying at the brothering laws caravan at Trustthorpe a nice spot with a good club the cartweel.Hope sutton and mable don't change except for a swimming pool for the kids etc.
steve from york (Wednesday, February 08, 2006)

Sutton is a lovely place. i visit my mum up here regularly, i can't wait to come again. Nice beach, close to Mablethorpe. Like the Kirkstead Caravan Site, great place to go in the evenings. Be back soon!
Richard from Hertfordshire (Tuesday, January 31, 2006)

We visited Sutton on Sea in April 2005 for the 1st time. We have fallen in love with the place. We are looking for a detached bungalow. It ticks all the boxes for a couple of young at heart golf playing 60yr olds. We are looking for the catch. Is the catch that houses take a while to sell??? If so then thats our kids problem!!! Advice please.
Malcolm Roberts from Bradford West Yorkshire (Friday, January 06, 2006)

I visit my Mum every year; it is always such fun for me and the kids.
Richard from St. Albans Monday, (January 02, 2006)

Sutton on sea is such a lovely place. My mum attends the sutton on sea social club if anone knows her her name is Carol.
richard wylie from st. albans (Sunday, November 13, 2005)

I love Sutton-on-Sea.I had tears in my eyes as I entered the village.I wish I could live here.
harriet wylie st.albans (Thursday, November 03, 2005)

Looking for an old school friend called June Mason.She was in the area in last five years.A reunion is being organised for November 2005 for ex-Brincliffians who left 1963-1965.Would love to hear from June again.If anyone has her contact details I would be very grateful.
Avril of Nottingham
AVRIL MOLDE(NEE SMITH) Nottingham (Monday, October 03, 2005)

my nan moved to sutton 35 years ago and i spent every school holiday in sutton, she sadly died 11 years ago, but we kept the bungalow going at sutton and used it for long weekends etc now my parent have moved from birmingham to sutton, they have bought a new bungalow and my husband and i have my nans bungalow for our use, this year we had our 2 week holiday there for a change. the kids loved it, the paddling pool it great however the trampolenes and grazy golf are an eye sore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and have been for years. we enjoyed the caravile and we have visited sutton every weekend for the last 4 weeks collecting and swapping children as they enjoyin staying with their grandparents waldos fish and chips rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
helen from west mids (Thursday, August 25, 2005)

best fish and chips in mablethorpe st annes cafe yum yum, my mom uses it all the time as she is a resident
helen from west mids (Thursday, August 25, 2005)

I would love to give a winter home to a pair of donkeys but have no idea how to go about it! We live on a small holding near Newark in Nottinghamshire, have plenty of grazing, can provide excellent care and shelter - we just need some donkeys!
Any help you can give - such as a contact telephone number - would be GREATLY appreciated by me (and my two children!)
Many thanks in anticipation, Penny McQuilkin (Mon 22/08/2005)

just got back from annual trip to sutton on sea, great week weather wise , new holiday home - wonderful !! as usual great locals .
was disturbed to hear about the council ripping putting green and tennis courts up and putting in five- a - side football pitches instead !!!!! where are their brains they will spoil the town forever
and introduce a yob culture instead.
fay from mansfield (Saturday, August 20, 2005)

I am looking for anyone who remembers me and my family, we were at I grove Road for years, I attended Sutton School, and then mablethorpe, get in touch.
kath (Brown) Mcnally from usa (Monday, August 08, 2005)

I would like to hear from anybody who new my Grandfather Mr Frank Stacey or any of his relatives. He owned the boot shop in sutton during the war years. My mothers name was Vera Nicholas (nee Stacey).
I left England in 1952 to migrate to Australia with my parents. It would be nice to hear from anyone as i have lost contact with all my relatives.
Thanks Les Nicholas. (
Les Nicholas from Tasmania Australia (Monday, July 18, 2005)

Visited 26/6/2005
Pleased to see the paddling pool has been finished and is great, could not keep the kids out of it! The upgrades work well.
If you want a family break, with no arcades or amusments to tempt money out of your pocket then this is the place. Make your own fun on the excellent ( and spotlessly clean) beach. Took a promenade chalet for the first time, well worth it to store your clothes, belongings, granparents etc in!
We will be back.
G Fisher from Loughborough (Monday, June 27, 2005)

Our family have been regular visitors to Sutton over the past 50 years, starting with an annual holiday for the children. My wife and I are coming for four days from July 4 to 8, and we wondered if we could a council chalet in advance. I could pay by cheque forwarded to you or by Switch, if possible. By the way, most of our holidays were spent at Breakwater Bungalows, and the weather didn't seem to matter.
Denis From Leicester (Monday, June 13, 2005)

Just wanted to well you how much we love the site we live in Splading and have a chalet at sutton and when we miss it in the week we can surf the sutton site and know its there waiting for us
Best wishes
Kirsten Millinson and family (Tue 07/06/2005)

I am looking to move to Lincolnshire and have seen a couple of houses in Sutton on Sea that I like. However I am finding it very difficult to find out about local amenities for a family with young children. Can you help?
Denys Humphries from Norwich (Friday, June 03, 2005)

carol and ken, yes, still together after ten years,married 6yrs, congratulations , Irene willows for doing something she should have done years ago
Mr and Mrs Bond from Cambridge (Wednesday, June 01, 2005)

comments: I love Sutton on Sea, i come here every year to visit my nan. the beach is lovely.
HARRIET from HERTS (Wednesday, April 27, 2005 )

Always came here every year when I was a child. Now come every year with my own daughter. Great place, great memories....
Martin (Tuesday, July 13, 2004)

Spent many happy years there as a child, took my parents and my children there on Sunday 4th July, the place has not changed at all, except.....the reason for going mainly was the happy memories of the paddling pool and to let my kids enjoy it, but it was closed for rework, talking to locals we discover that the EEC has had a hand in it and almost forced the pool to be filled in!, As it stands it seems contactors are not doing there jobs and finishing the rework promptly. Come on Sutton councillors, this is by way one of your most valuable assets and its demise and disrepair at present will mean we will not be back again unless it is re-opened. The day we visited even loacl business owners were closed as the trade from the pool was not to be had. Other than that Sutton is a great place with no arcades or funfair to overshadow it. ..........
G Fisher from Loughborough (Monday, July 5, 2004)

i spent all my hoildays at sutton on sea when i was small FUN , AND HAPPY TIMES WAS HAD ,, i been back a few years ago i cryed with happeness at the place ,,great love it i will return soon ,,
andy morris {MOGGIE} from Leicester (Sunday, May 2, 2004)
love this site its great folks........

i am shortly moving to the area,and will be looking for work,if you have anything,home help/cleaning/care etc please email me
Pat (March 21, 2004)

I worked in Sutton at the "Savoy" shortly prior to going into th RAF., and for a while when I came out. This was a period covering 1949 and 1952.Would love to hear from anybody who remembers me! Sincerely........Peter H Short. (2003 August 13)
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