Sutton on Sea
for Seaside Holidays in Lincolnshire

Collonade during the early fifties (1950's)

Date: possibly 1950's

CollanadeI visited Sutton-on-Sea each year with my mother sister and grand-parents during the early fifties. The view looks familiar. I remember that one year we shared the use of a beach chalet with a friend of mother's and her family.

That year we stayed at the Grange and Links Hotel at Sandilands. In previous years we had stayed with a Mrs Fusta (not sure of the spelling!), who had a large house, possibly along High Street. She may have been a relative of ours, I'm not sure. One year she showed us the watermark on the walls of her house from the 1953 flood.

I remember going to the cinema on one visit. A traditional British war film was showing.

I remember buying a small penknife from the (new?) gift shop at the sea end of the High Street... and my Mum making me take it back! Think the shop was owned by a chap called Peter

I'm intrigued by the name W Hedley Wallis (1914-18 war) on the War Memorial. My Great Grandfather was Hedley Wallis, Lace Manufacturer, Long Eaton, Nottingham. I can't believe that there isn't a connection! W Hedley may have been one of my Great Grandfather's sons.

Lynn Robertson

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