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Summerfield Rest HomeSummerfield Rest Home

10-12 Park Road East,
Sutton on Sea,
Lincolnshire. LN12 2NL
Tel. 01507 441969

In our caring hands since 1978

Small enough to care, Large enough to cope.


Phone for a brochure 01 507 441 969

Summerfield will actively encourage residents to exercise personal choice in decisions related to their own lifestyle.
Summerfield will
ensure that residents have sufficiently accurate information on which to base their decisions and will encourage residents to exercise choice in their own personal care programme.
Summerfield will ensure the physical environment in which residents live, will be spacious, with quality furnishings and fittings, safe from hazards, and well maintained.
Summerfield will monitor each resident to ensure the best quality lifestyle is achieved within their physical and mental capacities.
Summerfield will ensure that any restrictions that are placed upon residents' rights to exercise choice are fully explained, justified and reviewed regularly.

Summerfield will ensure that all residents maintain personal dignity.
Summerfield will involve and encourage residents in making decisions for themselves - particularly where risk is involved. Summerfield will respect confidentiality and safeguard privacy. Summerfield will encourage suggestions and act on the views of the residents.
Summerfield will
respond sensitively and promptly to any complaints from the resident, relative or carer.
Summerfield will
create opportunities for residents to extend their lives beyond the boundaries of the home.
Summerfield will
provide staff support, development and involvement in decision making.

Summerfield will
encourage freedom of expression, choice and speech, meaning the right to complain, to hold and offer opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas particularly regarding personal care and treatment.
Summerfield will
respect confidentiality of personal affairs and space along with private and family life.
Summerfield will encourage residents to exercise their individual rights and will supply appropriate information to enable them to do so.
Summerfield will
ensure that residents are not discriminated against and that individual rights are safeguarded and that the home is monitored in its performance in safeguarding resident's rights.

Summerfield will ensure that some knowledge of residents previous lifestyles is available to the care team, so as to understand residents expectations regarding personal privacy.
Summerfield will ensure residents can meet people, have conversations, make or receive telephone calls, correspond and receive visitors without being overlooked or over heard and without having to account to anyone for their actions.
Summerfield will ensure that where staff assistance is required to enable residents to dress, bathe, wash or use the toilet, this will be performed with due regard to the need to safeguard the privacy of the individual.
Summerfield will ensure that residents are able to discuss personal matters with staff and visitors in private.
Summerfield willl ensure that staff safeguard all confidential information and that the personal affairs of residents are treated with total discretion and confidentiality.

Summerfield will ensure that within their own capabilities, residents are encouraged to think and act independently.
Summerfield will ensure that insofar as they wish and are able to do so, residents will be encouraged to participate in making decisions about their lifestyle.
Summerfield will ensure that residents are as independent as possible within their capabilities.
Summerfield will ensure that each resident's condition is monitored so as to ensure that a reasonable balance is achieved between Quality of Life and personal risk taking.

Award Winning Home.