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The Fossils Michael Wellby

Michael WellbyMichael Wellby is now an established name within the community of Sutton on Sea. Since moving to this part of the East Coast on the 18th October 2002, his impact within community life has been felt by young and old a like.

He joined the First Responders, and became a CCTV camera operator within the first two months of moving to Sutton.
He was Chairman of the 2003 Sutton on Sea and Trusthorpe Carnival committee, and under his leadership until the 2005 Carnival, the Sutton on Sea Carnival became the second biggest parade in Lincolnshire, second only to the Spalding Flower Festival.

On June the 5th 2004 he promoted the 60th Anniversary Celebration of the Normandy Landings at the Dunes Theatre, Mablethorpe. Since then each year he has promoted and produced numerous shows, these have included big band nights, folk evenings and a story telling night, plus an organ recital by the maestro organist Phil Kelso. At all of his shows, he holds a raffle to which all of the monies raised are donated to charity.

He is also a serving member of the Air Training Corp committee, and Vice Chairman of the Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea, Royal Air Forces Association. He is producer and editor of the Associations Newsletter.

He is a member of the computer group PLUGIT, and the Sutton on Sea Probus Club.

In March of 2004 he conceived the idea for a club that would work for the good of the community, hence the now established Old Fossils Gentlemen’s Club.
Michaels close working relationship with the Town Clerk and members of the ELDC have seen a footpath made up which had been neglected for the past eighty years, plus changes to highway priorities, and to the promenade lighting and long overdue highways repairs.

Almost all of the business people on this part of the East Coast know Michael and support him and encourage him in all that he does.

After producing the 2006 Mayors Ball, Michael organised the 2007 Spring Ball, at the Golden Sands Haven Holiday Park, Mablethorpe on the 10th March.

The 2007 raffle monies (£400) were divided between the Mayors chosen charities, the Seal Sanctuary Mablethorpe, the R.N.L.I. Mablethorpe, and the Meridale Hall, Sutton on Sea.